The great secret old people share is that your body changes,
but you don’t change at all.

Our passion

We want people to help people have fun and enjoy, savour life. We want to make sure people can’t wait to get up in the morning. We work specifically with older adults, because there worked so hard and surely deserve some fun..

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Here is what we are cooking

  • "Master" happiness study

    A longitudinal study on over a thousand Siberian older adults.

  • Activity and happiness

    Are happier people more active? Are active people happier?

  • Promoting active lifestyles

    If activity is related to happiness, how can older adults get active?

  • Love and happiness

    We study love in later life and its connection with happiness.

  • Life interactions and happiness

    We develop solutions to help older adults be connected with and contribute to society.

  • The irrationality of happiness

    We compare what makes us happy, what we think makes us happy, and what we do to make us happy.

  • Happy Shopping

    Which purchases give us greater

  • Do you look happy?

    Do people with greater wellbeing also look happier?

  • Mens sana in corpore sano

    We examine and experiment on the relation between mindfulness and happiness in older adults.